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Frances Coulson, head of insolvency and litigation at Moon Beever, has identified some exceptionally innovative opportunities and proved a significant asset to the National Crime Agency (NCA) in identifying alternative avenues for disruption of criminals at the high end of high risk, according to a director of the Agency.

Donald Toon, Economic and Cyber Crime Director, said: “Frances is an NCA Special and practising solicitor specialising in international asset tracing and insolvency. She volunteers her time, knowledge and expertise to complex cases across the NCA but in particular to those cases where the NCA is using its Civil Recovery and Tax powers.

“She works closely with NCA colleagues identifying alternative avenues for disruption against criminals who are at the high end of high risk - the so called ‘iconic untouchables’ and those who are significant but fall on the periphery of criminal investigations. She has identified some exceptionally innovative opportunities and has proved a significant asset to the NCA.”

He continued: “Frances acts regularly as an ambassador to the NCA Specials programme, supporting new colleagues on entry to the agency as well as delivering her insolvency ‘Know How’ presentations in her own time to NCA Officers and police forces throughout England. She has proved invaluable to officers in identifying alternative powers and options for disrupting criminals – particularly through the civil courts.

“In summary, using her legal skills and experience Frances has provided a significant and valuable contribution to the NCA deserving of recognition.”

Donald Toon made the comments in introducing Frances at the inaugural Financial Crime Conference organised by the Serious and Organised Crime Exchange (SOCEX) event at which Frances spoke on Insolvency in Financial Investigation.


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