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A lease is a “wasting asset”. This means that the lower the number of years left to run on a lease, the less valuable the property becomes and the more expensive it becomes to extend the lease. The cost of obtaining a lease extension by statute is invariably more when there are under 80 years left to run on it.

It is therefore very important to obtain a statutory lease extension before the number of years left to run falls below 80 years if a higher price to extend it is to be avoided.

If a lease has less than 80 years left to run, it is still just as important to obtain a lease extension, as the price payable only increases the shorter the lease becomes.

A lease extension will maintain or even enhance the value of a property. It can, in the event of a sale, increase the marketability and saleability of a property.

Mortgage finance has proved difficult in the recent economic climate with an increased number of mortgage lenders reluctant to provide mortgages on properties with shorter leases.

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There are a number of statutory rights home owners have which they can exercise to maximise the value of their homes.


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