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The Law Society has urged people to leave instructions for their digital legacy (seeĀ here), warning that too much valuable intellectual property is in danger of being lost when we die.

It is advisable, at the very least, to give a list to your executors of all your online accounts - shopping, music, email, photos, banking etc so that they are aware of the existence of these accounts. Clear instructions will help your family to close accounts and access pictures and other cherished information.

The Law Society advises against recording passwords in a written will but the ability of your executor to access your 'digital life' after your death without passwords is currently uncertain. Each provider of any online service (be it email, photos, music, or social media) has their own terms and conditions - as we discussed in an earlier blog (here).

To find out more about writing your Will and what to consider, watch ourĀ video: Why you need a Will and how to go about making one.

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