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You have to admit that the government has had a winning stealth plan for cutting the court and legal aid budget.

  1. Abolish nearly all legal aid but don’t worry, access to justice will not be affected because:-
  2. Tell lawyers they have to take the burden
  3. Give them the carrot of a mark up on a CFA as a payment for taking that burden and risk
  4. If you have a good case, your lawyer will run it for you
  5. 10 years later, tell said lawyers how bad they are for using CFAs and so encouraging litigation.
  6. Don’t let them have a mark up anymore.
  7. Hike up the court fees but make sure you can boot out as many cases as you can for minor procedural errors;
  8. The PI insurers can pick up that tab (but good luck getting legal aid to sue your solicitors)
  9. Court time saved, cases dealt with, high fees in the bank, insurers and premiums can pay for all that.
  10. Didn’t factor in the time for applications to extend time and relief from sanction? Oh well, can’t think of everything.

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