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Hot on the heels of reports of a sex discrimination case brought by a man over maternity pay (see earlier blog), a sex discrimination claim has been made by an employee who was dismissed for sexual harassment.

According to a report by Bloomberg, an executive from Deutsche Bank who was fired over allegations that he sexually harassed female colleagues has responded in a lawsuit that he was the one who suffered discrimination.

The executive is seeking his job back and compensation of more than £20 million, making it one of the largest UK employment tribunal claims in recent years.

Traditionally sexual discrimination claims have been seen as the preserve of women but, over recent months, we have been seeing a number of claims by men, including an equal pay claim by a group of employees at a Welsh University which saw a pay out of £460,000 (click here for details).

It may be the case that the recent limitations placed on ordinary unfair dismissal claims and tribunal cases in general are forcing men to be more creative when looking at what remedies are available to them or it may simply be the case that employees are waking up to the fact that discrimination can cut both ways.

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