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It has been suggested that employee appraisals are a waste of time, that employees hate them and that employers do not take them seriously anyway.  Is this fair?

The problem with employee appraisals is that often the process is abused.  Typically nothing is said to the employee regarding their performance until the appraisal comes around and then a bombshell is dropped and they are told that they are seriously underperforming or that there are other issues, in the hope that the employee will take the ‘hint’ and leave.  Unfortunately, employees seldom do take the hint. If they lacked the insight to see that there were problems in the first place, they are more likely to try and rationalise the appraisal process as a blip in an otherwise stellar career.

A good appraisal system should:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Address problems in performance, attitude, lateness etc
  • Identify training needs

An appraisal system should not:

  • Be used as an informal system of warnings
  • Be confused with a performance management process although good appraisal records can help justify performance management programmes and capability dismissals.

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