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As some of you will recall, Simon Duncan (Senior Associate at Moon Beever LLP) successfully completed a one year research degree at the University of Oxford from 2016 to 2017, studying insolvency set-off.  He survived a cross-examination of his thesis led by the late Gabriel Moss QC who described insolvency set-off as ‘one of the most difficult and complex in the entire area of insolvency law.’

Undaunted, Simon returned to Oxford in 2018 (part-time) where he is completing a Doctorate in the law of set-off.  In order to progress to full DPhil status, research students are examined (after the first two years) on their thesis by two academics by way of a viva voce examination.  I am pleased to confirm that Simon passed this examination in April and his full DPhil student status was confirmed last week.

Simon’s research encompasses set-off in all its forms.  If you are grappling with a set-off issue, Simon would be pleased to hear from you.

Congratulations Simon from all of us at Moon Beever!


Frances Coulson
Senior Partner, Head of Insolvency & Litigation


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