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An award winning lawyer is advising women to ensure they have a Will in place

Over half of British women do not have one.* A recent survey showed that two out of three (65%) of women aged 35-to-44 do not have a will, and two in five (40%) of those aged 45-to-54 and more than one in five (20%) of over 65s are without a Will. Anna Coakes, a solicitor at Moon Beever Solicitors, says women are neglecting many aspects of their financial life, meaning they could be leaving themselves and their families exposed now, and in the future. Anna says: “Wills aren’t the nicest things to think about but they are crucial. There are complicated ‘intestacy’ rules setting out who gets what if someone dies without a will; it’s not always automatically yourpartner or children. It’s really important women get some advice.” “Most women have a trusted hairdresser,a favourite beauty salon and someone to repair their favourite pair of shoes. But not many have a trusted legal advisor or accountant for that matter. It could make a massive difference to their lives. I’d advise women find themselves a ‘go-to’ lawyer, financial adviser and accountant so they are armed and ready to deal with life’s little, and not so little, challenges.” Visit the Moonbeevertv channel on YouTube ( to see Anna Coakes talking about why you need a will. *


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