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Selling a business can be a long, complicated and stressful process. For many a sale affords the best opportunity to make a significant financial return on years of relentless endeavour and responsibility.  A purchaser will usually wish to see a multitude of documentation and by the time such due diligence is undertaken it may already be too late for the underlying documentation to be support the seller’s perception of value and transferability.

Some appropriate advice and action in the months prior to negotiations can minimise the chances of a deal failing or failing to yield the desired consideration. A business owner may already know most of the steps that have to be undertaken to position the business for sale. However, for many, there is no substitute for some type of legal review of its key documentation and relationships.

Moon Beever offers a business review process which can be as focused or extensive as is appropriate. We have expertise to guide you through the process to help maximise the chances of a successful and relatively swift sale. 

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