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Fraud has existed in society, in a variety of different forms, for many hundreds of years. All that has changed is the method by which fraudsters prey on their victims. Today, the incidence of cybercrime represents the most significant threat to business and individuals alike, as society becomes ever more connected and globalised. The scale and type of fraud now taking place represents an extraordinary challenge to law enforcement and civil anti-fraud practitioners around the world.

We have a long and proud reputation acting for the victims of fraud, such as companies defrauded by third parties (or their own directors), or private individuals losing money in confidence scams.

We have the crucial experience of obtaining injunctive relief to freeze bank accounts and properties before assets are dissipated further. We can obtain search orders if there is a real risk of a property or records being disposed of. We also trace monies and inquire into the proceeds used to purchase properties, including those properties purchased abroad or in the name of offshore trusts.

We have connections with lawyers and investigators in most overseas jurisdictions and the ability to react quickly when clients discover that they have been defrauded.

Given our reputation for insolvency and business recovery, we are leaders in fraud claims brought in the context of insolvency. Again, our relationships with specialist insolvency practitioners, accountants and other agents can prove invaluable.

It is very important that you approach us as soon as fraud is discovered. In so doing we can take urgent steps to investigate and protect your position and then to agree a plan to work with you to recover your monies or assets.

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