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Search orders (injunctions) allow a claimant's lawyers and other representatives to enter a defendant's property to search for documents and other materials (and to take copies). Also known as Anton Piller or search and seize orders, they are granted by the court where there is a risk of loss of material, if urgent action is not taken.

Independent supervising solicitors are instructed to ensure that searches are carried out lawfully and that the parties involved (who may be surprised by the number of people arriving at their property and unable to seek their own immediate legal assistance) understand what is happening.

At Moon Beever we have a number of solicitors with experience of acting as Supervising Solicitors, including where search orders are granted in cases involving serious crime. We have a large team to draw upon to provide assistance both to parties that are required to instruct a Supervising Solicitor, but also to those impacted by a search.

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