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Taking a case to trial can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. For these reasons, many parties involved in court proceedings want to explore whether their dispute can be resolved using alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Whilst we have some of the most capable civil court litigation lawyers in their fields, we are alive to the value of alternative dispute resolution to find an early resolution to disputes. 

Mediation in particular is now seen as one of the most time and costs effective methods of achieving settlement. Mediations bring together opposing parties and their advisors and are facilitated by an independent third party, helping to avoid adversarial confrontation with reasoned and commercial discussions. As such, mediation is seen by many as less stressful and certainly an effective way of avoiding the costs of trial. Another benefit is that mediation is usually confidential such that the matters discussed cannot be used in court proceedings (for example if settlement is not reached) or for any other purpose at a later date.

Our litigation team has substantial experience of mediation and other forms of ADR and a high success rate in concluding disputes either during ADR, or shortly thereafter.

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